Mans Destruction Of Earth Revealed 2008

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Mans Destruction Of Earth

Global warming can be cured; the Ozone Layer may never be repaired. Man Vs Nature, man will lose.

I’m sitting in front of my computer thinking and writing about what has happened and, how much man had to go through in the past 200 years, to finally achieve a united world. How nice the weather has been, on a nice and hot clear DC August summers day of 80 degrees. With no wars, no hunger, no greed or race discrimination, with free medical, thanks to the United Nations and NATO and the great work they have done through out the years.

One man wrote in 1999; Is it clear thinking, to do nothing about the danger we are facing today, knowing your children or grandchildren will never grow old? Without a new monetary system, there will be no changes to Power And Greed. A New World Adviser is needed to give man time to understand, there will be no tomorrow, if there is no change made today. Mans biggest problem is the Ozone Layer, that will destroy life on earth. Global Warming can be repaired. Space Crafts, and Aircrafts in our Stratosphere causing decades of damage, to the Ozone Layer.

The year is 2038.0825 and on 2039.0101 I will be 23years old, born on Acquiescent Day, which makes me feel special. I work in the office of Momentous for the UN to keep history from repeating itself. Scientists have come to a conclusion that 03 would solve our ozone problem O2 molecules: O + O3 = 2 O2   we need a way to disperse this equation into our ozone layer.
Mans biggest problem is the Ozone Layer, that will destroy life on earth. Can man overcome power and greed, to unite the world countries to come up with a solution to repair Earth, or is it  too late for our weather to stabilize?